1. A professional communicator

A professional communicator carries out professional information and communications tasks, either as an employee at a company or organisation, or as a consultant for a client.

A professional communicator manages and develops the reputational capital and credibility of organisations. Through provision of relevant information, a professional communicator aims to ensure that target groups and stakeholders receive a correct perception of the operations that the professional communicator represents.

A professional communicator has the knowledge required to analyse and assess relations, attitudes, and opinions, as well as how to predict reactions in the surrounding environment.

A professional communicator ensures that the surrounding environment has relevant information on - and understanding of - the organisation and its operations, and that in turn the organisation has relevant information on - and understanding of - the surrounding environment.

2. Aim

A professional communicator works to realise the employer’s or client’s needs and goals. To achieve this, a professional communicator utilizes professional methods in accordance with these standards.

3. Honesty and trustworthiness

A professional communicator works to ensure that correct information, based on relevant facts, assessments, and arguments within the represented operations, is formulated and disseminated.

A professional communicator works with information and communication within the framework of applicable legislation and other regulations.

4. Confidentiality

Information that has been provided within the framework of the operation and that is not and is not intended to be public must not be disclosed to other parties.  

5. Openness

A professional communicator strives to make as much information as possible available and coherent.

6. The open society

The open society is a prerequisite for the work of professional communicators. The open society is characterized by freedom of expression and the rights of all people, within legal frameworks, to search for and use information. The professional work of professional communicators increases transparency and openness in society.


Through its membership in the Global Alliance, Association of Swedish Communication Professionals has adopted the Global Ethics Protocol on Public Relations.


Members who do not comply with these professional standards may be warned or excluded from the association. The procedures for processing such matters are regulated in section 17 of the association’s statutes.