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The Swedish Communication Association

The Swedish Communication Association is a network of more than 5000 members working within the field of communication. We offer competence development, networking, and a global overview.

With the Swedish Communication Association you will meet others working within communication and have the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge through events, network, and interest groups. Networks and seminars are hosted by professional moderators, while regional events and subject-specific groups are run by Swedish Communication Association members.

There is always competence development to help you understand whether you're a manager or a web editor, no matter if you work in Sundsvall or Gothenburg.


The Swedish Communication Association offers training and skills development, ranging from shorter courses in communication planning to continuing education in leadership for managers. Every year around 1,000 people attend training courses in communication with the Swedish Communication Association. For current courses please visit our calendar.

Network Plus

The Swedish Communication Association's Network Plus gives you the opportunity for reflection and skills development over time. Together with other experienced communicators you will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on your current role, as well as future roles. Networks are highly valued by participants due to the balance between inspiration from guest speakers and the exchange of experiences between group members.


The Swedish Communication Association both conducts and participates in various research projects. One important task is to undertake qualified communication research that will benefit our members.

News, statistics and industry surveys

The Swedish Communication Association regularly publishes the latest news from the world of communication, and members receive a digital newsletter every week with a selection of the most relevant stories. Statistics and surveys capture trends in communication. The Swedish Communication Association's wage statistics are particularly appreciated in wage negotiations, both by employees and managers. The Swedish Communication Association also keeps an eye on new tools and methods that you as a communicator can benefit from your professional role.

Professional ethics

Ethical rules and norms are important in the Swedish Communication Association's work. Here you can learn about the communicator's professional standards and read how they developed.


As a member of the Swedish Communication Association, you have access to two international networks; Global Alliance and Euprera. These organizations support the development of the communicator's professional role through global methodology and research.

Companies that support the Swedish Communication Association

The Swedish Communication Association's business relationships are valuable partners and each year contribute to the continuation and deepening of various development projects.